This piece shows the
artist's grasp of geometric abstraction.

Abstract 2

  • 2020
  • 2438 x 1219 mm (8 x 4 ft, according to book)
  • Chinese ink and colour on paper

Unlike the previous abstract, this is more lyrical and calm. The colours here are from the same family, a light mustard base hosting an agreeable assembly of lemon yellow and rust brown. There are waves of rhythmic movements where geometric shapes fall and fold together in peaceful collisions. This piece shows the artist’s grasp of geometric abstraction.

The previous piece is characterised by visual strength, this one by visual movement. The piece exudes a meditative visual sensation with no evident focus. The eyes are invited to massage and caress the rounded curves. While the first abstract has a sculptural presence, this is voluptuous and sensual, swaying to slower and more organic brush strokes. The dark ink strokes do not have the brute force of the previous abstract. Instead, it uses curvilinear lines in swirls, circles, and spirals as motifs. While the first piece feels like the artist has attacked it with vigorous gestural expressionism, here the seductive quality of the strokes suggests a more reflective mood.